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Rules Season 2

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1 Rules Season 2 on Sat Apr 26, 2014 7:10 am


1) Game Settings.

1.1 Matches consist of two halfs, each half will last seven minuets. (Teams swap sides after Half Time)

2.2 Games are to be played on the stadium "Big"

2.3 Games will be 3v3, however 3v2 can be played. (2v2 is not)

2) Cheats

2.1 The use of Macro(s) are prohibited. All players will be checked for this tool, using Feed Me Haxball's "Dumper" tool.

2.2 Any sort of engine that develops the way your game is played, e.g faster movement or powerful shooting is disallowed.

2.3 "Flag Hack" is not allowed. This is in order to stop the impersonating of players.

2.4 Impersonating players is not allowed. This could result in a temporary player ban.

3) Teams

3.1 Teams must have a captain. (Co-Captain is optional)

3.2 Teams can have up to seven players as maximum.

3.3 Teams can make unlimited Cuts/Signs/Trades.

3.4 Teams MUST post on the site's "Market" section when they sign a player. This has to be done before a game.

3.5 Loans do not have to be posted on site.

4) Wildcards/Postponements

4.1 Teams have 3 wildcards

4.2 Teams can postpone games at any time until 30 minutes before the game.

4.3 A Wildcard can be played to postpone a match to a later date.

4.4 Wildcards must have the original date and time the game was meant to be played as well as a new date and time for the game to be played, both captains have to agree on a time. If captains can't agree then an admin will intervene.

4.5 The postponed games must be played before the end of the season.

5)"Def Win/Def Loss"

5.1 To claim a def win you must post a topic on the forums, stating why.

5.2 You can not def win postponed games.

5.3 A team has 10 minutes after kick off to arrive, the other team withholds the right to take a def win.

5.4 If a team rage quits... The other team have the right to claim a "Def win" However if the team decides to play on they can play 3v2 or Finish another time, but the other team cant loan and must play the player that were there last game.

6) In Game Subs

6.1 Subs can be made in game, only after a goal or at half time.

6.2 If a player is lagging, with evidence they can be substituted off.

6.3 Pausing can only be done for Lag etc, not when the other team is on the advance.

7) Site use

7.1 The use of swearwords are allowed, unless it is aimed at a user.

7.2 Do not post inappropriate links or content.

7.3 Please keep in mind that Hax Federation caters for a wide range of ages.

7.4 Do not spam the chat box in an aggressive manor.

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