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[IMPORTANT] Next Season...

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1 [IMPORTANT] Next Season... on Mon May 19, 2014 5:38 am


Hello, It is with lots of joy that I can announce for next season the HaxballFederation will merge with the BeNeLux! If you do not know that I am talking about, the Bene (www.haxtrick.com) is another 3vs3 league (Who we currently share a TS3 server with) that is based for Netherlands and Belgium users of haxball!

We will merge with their league at the end of this season! You may ask why? This is in order to create a bigger, better and well managed league  Smile We will have 2 divisions, the top 2 teams this season will go into division 1 for sure (maybe more it depends on how many teams there will be) and the rest division 2.

So... This gives you a grater intensive to become haxfed champions! However there is more, the top 4 Beneliga teams go to the 3vs3 Haxball Champions League! When we merge the Bene will be in its 4th season and has a well established community and how will open its arms to foreign (non Netherlands/Belgium players)

After our season we will merge, the next season will start on the 8th July, you can also read more about this merge here: http://www.haxtrick.com/season-4/

If you have any questions feel free to post below or message me on TS. Regards, Olof.

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3 Re: [IMPORTANT] Next Season... on Mon May 19, 2014 7:29 am

Barlex said to write this:
There will be big changes coming up in Season 4 Beneliga. We’ll just kick in by saying: Beneliga welcomes a new league who will merge with us with one big League. The name stays Beneliga and we will have most likely 2 divisions. Read further to see how we will make this change happen.

The Beneliga foreign-rule will be removed, this means you can now have as many foreigners in your team as you wish. The reason for this is because of the big decline in Belgians and Dutchmen in our league who are quitting. Therefor, to keep this from dieing, we needed to remove this rule and open our arms for everyone. Will this be a next ‘galaxy’-league? I dont’ think so, we have other admins, we have another league-atmosphere and we still have the biggest core of Belgians and Dutchmen in our ranks.

Because of Beneliga long 3rd season with 12 teams, we have decided for season 4 to have 10 teams max per division. This can vary if we’ll have for example 16 teams, then we’ll have 8 teams per division. If we’ll have 18 teams, then the league will have a 10-8 ratio.

The newest rule for Beneliga will be that, when you postpone a game, you’ll need to play this game within a week. Otherwise you’ll lose the game by defwin. Suppose you postpone a game tuesday (which is a beneliga-date), then you can catch it up by playing it thursday or tuesday. If one of the two teams does not show up, then it will be defwin. If both teams don’t show up, then it will be a 0-0 draw. No exceptions, because we want to keep the league as fluently as possible. This system is also how YeS-league works.

The league that will merge with us, will be HaxFederation (below our teamspeak-server). It’s there second season (so I’ve heared), and we can help them out by boosting their activity, and they can help us by leading our league. Now, how will we decide the divisioning? Teams that play in the Beneliga will have nothing to fear. The top 6 that will continue, will keep playing in division 1. However if we will have 10 teams in division (which we hope), then there will be 8 teams that will stay in division 1 in the Beneliga, supplemented by the top 2 from HaxFederation. Division 2 will consist of the teams that stood last in the Beneliga, with the remaining teams from HaxFederation and with new teams that signed up for the league.

Admins from HaxFederation will become Beneliga-Admins, who will assist our league and extend it further. It will be logical to change our language to English, as we will all understand the language. Next season the GOTW will come out quicker, reviews will come out faster, just because our larger effort and more admins. Thanks for you understanding.

Season 4 should start 8 July.

Thanks to all who continue to keep playing this great game, including myself ^^

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